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Rules & Regulations

Care For All Living Things

Jurassic Forest is home for many dinosaurs, animals and plants. Recycle and garbage receptacles are available throughout park. Please treat them with courtesy and do not approach or feed dinosaurs, pick or damage plants, or throw coins in ponds. Also, please stay on pathways and respect safety fences. There is no smoking, pets, roller blades/skates, heelies, skateboards, scooters, bicycles and tricycles, balls, frisbees and balloons allowed on the park premises. Barbeques are not allowed at the facility. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Keep the park clean

Recycle and garbage receptacles are available throughout park.


Please be aware that pets are not allowed in the facility due to the proximity to the natural forest and all of the wildlife that live there. Jurassic Forest only allows service animals with appropriate identification in the facility. Please do not leave an animal in your vehicle. We are obligated to report animals left in vehicles to the RCMP.


Please remember...

Jurassic Forest is a ‘living’ forest; there are animals, plants and insects in addition to dinosaurs, that could pose a risk. Use the park facility at your own risk and follow park regulations for an enjoyable visit.