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The days of the dinosaurs roar to life again in Jurassic Forest, a 40-acre prehistoric preserve, just minutes from Edmonton and millions of years from the present.

Gigantic, life-sized and startlingly realistic dinosaurs live and breathe in Jurassic Forest.

Massive and majestic vegetarians like Stegosaurus and Triceratops peacefully graze while deadly meat eaters like Albertosaurus and the lethal Tyrannosaurus rex hunt down their prey or battle one another for supremacy.

Human visitors to the Forest will enjoy guided safaris with expert Jurassic Forest staff. Families, school children and corporate guests will watch dinosaurs in action, dig for ancient remains and picnic in a land populated with plants and animals that ruled the planet 250 million years ago.

Jurassic Forest is set in an old growth forest. The park has been designed to minimize the impact on the forest and utilize the natural setting to enhance the display of our dinosaurs and to provide an opportunity for you to experience and learn about some of the flora and fauna indigenous to the Edmonton area.

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