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Welcome to Jurassic Forest

  • See You in Spring 2020!


  • Take your class on a field trip back in time to the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures!

    We are now booking field trips for 2020! Journey down the Discovery Trails and meet massive and majestic herbivores such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops, while sneaking past lethal predators including Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. You'll see many familiar dinosaur faces, and maybe meet some creatures you haven't heard of before! Children will enjoy digging for dinosaur bones, playing in the playground, and even taking a ride on a dinosaur.

    The interactive, inquiry-based programs at the Jurassic Forest and Learning Centre will take students and teachers back in time to discover prehistoric flora and fauna, while highlighting the beauty and diversity of the modern forest ecosystem.

    The educational programs at Jurassic Forest were designed to meet Alberta Curriculum targets for Grades 1-7. Students will explore the forest using skills of observation, investigation, and discussion to foster an appreciation for the natural history of the earth and the amazing organisms of the past and present.

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    Plan your next company retreat in the primordial preserve of Jurassic Forest. Explore the winding trails and discover life-like dinosaurs roaming the prehistoric wooded terrain just as they did millions of years ago. Sit in on an awe-inspiring presentation from Jurassic Forest interpretive staff...and much, much more!

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Jurassic Forest is an educational based facility promoting several learning messages about dinosaurs, prehistoric times as well as the scientifically supported messaging on local flora and fauna to a wide variety of guests, covering all demographics.

We also want to provide an unforgettable and entertaining experience for our visitors, by combining the learning and entertainment into an all-inclusive "edu-tainment" event.The main attractions at Jurassic Forest beyond our interactive activities and displays, and natural forest setting are our 40 fully animatronic dinosaurs that are currently on display. These dinosaurs are made with the latest technology, are very life-like and realistic and are unmatched in their presentation here at Jurassic Forest.

The Jurassic Forest is not currently hiring for any positions. Seasonal opportunities will be posted in early 2020 at which point applications will be accepted. Come spend an unforgettable summer among the dinosaurs at Jurassic Forest


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See you in spring 2020!


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2-23210, Township Road 564, Gibbons, Alberta

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3 kilometres north of the town of Gibbons, AB, 1 kilometre west of Highway 28 on Township Road 564, close to the Goose Hummock Golf Resort

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Jurassic Forest Location

3 kilometres north of the town of Gibbons, AB, 1 kilometre west of Highway 28 on Township Road 564, close to the Goose Hummock Resort

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Did You Know?

Triceratops is the best known ceratopsian, or horned dinosaur, and has been found in Alberta. It lived at the same time as Tyrannosaurus rex, and fossils with puncture wounds show that it was likely prey to the large predator.