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Welcome to Jurassic Forest

  • Change of the Season


    September is almost here and that means that kids are heading back to school soon!

    For Jurassic Forest, it means that we look forward to hosting students as they embark on their first field trip of the new 2018-19 school year. September is a great time to learn about the changing of the seasons and the impact seasonal changes have on the local flora and fauna, while also learning lots about dinosaurs and paleontology in Alberta.

    Unfortunately, it also means we are seeing the sun coming up a little bit later each morning, and setting earlier in the evenings.  Its for this reason, that we will be adjusting our operating hours just slightly to deal with the earlier sunsets in September and October. 

    Effective TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4thour closing time is being adjusted from 7:00 pm to the new 6:00 pm time (final admission prior to 5:00 pm), with these hours in place daily, Sunday to Saturday.  Please note this change if you have a Jurassic Forest excursion in your plans for September and October!

    We are also receiving lots of inquiries about the Close of Season date for 2018.  That’s a decision we will be making soon.  What we always tell our guests is "Don’t wait until the last minute to come out for a visit, inclement weather can change our plans in a moment"!

    Thank you to everyone for such a great Summer Season!


    Jurassic Forest

What's New at the Forest?

  • Agents of Discovery


    We are excited to announce that we have Agents of Discovery, the augmented reality mobile game that gets kids outside, active and exploring the world around them. This is a fun and educational game for the whole family to enjoy.

    The new Agents of Discovery Mission Site is available for visitors to play for free to find virtual characters and learn about the Jurassic Forest. Unlike Pokémon GO, Agents of Discovery requires no WiFi or data connection after the initial download, meaning parents don’t need to worry about their cell phone bills as their kids explore their communities with the mobile game! 

    Download the free app on:

    Download on the App Store
    Get it on Google Play

    Once downloaded, find South Discovery Trail Mission and hit "Play."

  • Take your class on a field trip back in time to the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures!

    We are now booking field trips for 2018! Journey down the Discovery Trails and meet massive and majestic herbivores such as Stegosaurus and Triceratops, while sneaking past lethal predators including Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus. You'll see many familiar dinosaur faces, and maybe meet some creatures you haven't heard of before! Children will enjoy digging for dinosaur bones, playing in the playground, and even taking a ride on a dinosaur.

    The interactive, inquiry-based programs at the Jurassic Forest and Learning Centre will take students and teachers back in time to discover prehistoric flora and fauna, while highlighting the beauty and diversity of the modern forest ecosystem.

    The educational programs at Jurassic Forest were designed to meet Alberta Curriculum targets for Grades 1-7. Students will explore the forest using skills of observation, investigation, and discussion to foster an appreciation for the natural history of the earth and the amazing organisms of the past and present.

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    Plan your next company retreat in the primordial preserve of Jurassic Forest. Explore the winding trails and discover life-like dinosaurs roaming the prehistoric wooded terrain just as they did millions of years ago. Sit in on an awe-inspiring presentation from Jurassic Forest interpretive staff...and much, much more!

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Jurassic Forest Location

3 kilometres north of the town of Gibbons, AB, 1 kilometre west of Highway 28 on Township Road 564, close to the Goose Hummock Resort

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Did You Know?

Archaeopteryx is a feathered dinosaur from the Jurassic Period of Germany, and is considered the transition fossil between birds and dinosaurs. It had the feathers and wings of a bird, but the teeth, tail, and claws of a dinosaur.

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